A Church for East Boston

OUR VISION: We envision a growing community made up of followers of Jesus in our community of East Boston who are active and creative agents of peace in a fragmented and changing neighborhood. May we truly become a "bridge" for many on a journey toward reconciliation with God and one another! We hope to provide community to individuals discovering and pursuing an ever-closer relationship with Jesus. As we walk in this way together, we intend to be known for a sincere faith and care for our neighbors. Beginning small, always making space for new friends searching for truth and love, we hope to see this community grow out of meeting in homes to eventually launching larger gatherings in the years to come. 

Our Core Beliefs

GOD IS A STORY TELLER. We believe that God is telling a great story through history and has a purpose for our lives. In Acts 17, Paul is speaking to a large gathering of Greek philosophers. He explains that God is the author of all life and that He has “determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live...so that men would seek him” (Acts 17:26-27). It is in this that we see how God is orchestrating His creation to tell a story both universally and personally. We have been witness to God’s ordering of our lives at just the right moments to interact with individuals, pointing us closer to Jesus and allowing us to do the same for others. It is with this belief that we hope others find meaning and purpose and there is a God of love who is pursuing a relationship with them.

GOD DOES NOT WASTE OUR EXPERIENCES. As God tells His story in and through our lives, we also learn that God is all about redemption. In fact, there is no part of our individual histories that are beyond His power to forgive, heal or recreate. Psalm 107 is a perfect poetic testimony to this truth. In each of four stanzas, the psalmist shares various plights of God’s people and the ways that He uniquely saves them. For those who wander, God makes a straight path. For those who are afflicted or in the shadow of death, He breaks their bonds. For those who are foolish or sinful, He heals through His Word. And for those who are caught up in the storm of commerce, He stills the waves and brings peace. We hope people searching for answers and missing pieces in their lives are encouraged to know the hope of redemption in Jesus.

TRUE LIFE IS FOUND IN JESUS. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” (John 14:6) and we believe that Jesus is the way to life. But even more than that, we believe our lives are better when we follow His teaching and emulate the way that He lived and interacted with people. Jesus and his example are at the heart of our belief and action. Living in this ‘Jesus way’ is the means of finding our true identity and most fulfilled life. The life of discipleship to which we are called provides us with the joy of discovering more about God and ourselves, and gives us a greater purpose for our work and relationships. By following Jesus' example, may we be known for our faithful application of kindness, forgiveness, love, and care for people and our world. 

Our Values

DISCOVERY. We highly value discovery as a means for the curious to ask questions about life, its purpose, and sometimes confusing or frustrating circumstances. We invite questions and conversations to more deeply understand God, each other, and ourselves. We believe God is not afraid of our doubts or struggles. As we pursue Jesus, we continually uncover deeper understandings and become life-long learners.

FREEDOM. We hold firmly that in Christ is found internal peace regardless of external circumstances. As we uncover the message of Jesus, we experience release from the burdens of guilt and addiction. Jesus invites people into rest from the heavy expectations of the world, of self, and even of religion. 

RECONCILIATION. Just as God has made a way for us to have a relationship with Him, we are called to make room for others. Even more than that, God invites us to become agents of forgiveness and peace in our personal relationships. As we follow Jesus, the fruits of His Spirit become evident in our lives and we find ourselves displaying more love, patience, kindness, and gentleness toward others. By pursing reconciliation, we experience joy in working to mend relationships and we always find room at our table for everyone. 

CREATIVITY. We believe that people are created in the image of a creative God. He has gifted each person uniquely to reflect His glory through their individual gifts and abilities. We value our uniqueness and each one's abilities equally. As we hold up the value of creativity, individuals discover and develop their gifts while they simultaneously appreciate and encourage the gifts of others.

STORY. As we develop faith and a relationship with Jesus, we discover that God reframes and redeems our experiences to tell a story through our lives. These stories communicate God's purpose and providence to one another and the watching world. As we highly value and practice sharing stories, we learn to also listen well.