• Lauryn Carr

You are the Bridge to Boston

Well, friends, the news of “We’re moving to Boston next year!” has officially transitioned to “We’re moving to Boston THIS summer!” With the change of those two little words, the reality is sinking in. It’s a good reality, an exciting reality, but also a scary one at times. As we move forward in faith, we are thankful for many assurances. First, there is assurance of the calling. We have no doubt in our minds that God has been preparing our family for quite some time to engage in this adventure. Our personal and collective growth and experiences confirm this for us, and we continue to receive affirmation often. How very thankful we are for this.

There is also the assurance of spiritual fruit and harvest. “Where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is Freedom” … and Discovery, and Creativity, and Story, and Reconciliation. These are the values God has led us to focus on as we prepare to connect with new friends and neighbors. When the Spirit moves, change is inevitable. God’s love for his children will be made known, and we are thrilled to be vessels of that love to Boston.

Our third, and perhaps most humbling, assurance is that we are not in this alone. Though we will be the bodies on the ground, starting conversations, building relationships, and carrying out the mission, we recognize that YOU will be with us - through prayer, through financial support, and through relational support. Each prayer, each dollar, each phone call or text or card adds another beautiful brick to the bridge God is building between Himself and His people in Boston. Your finances will help keep the bridge sturdy and well kept. Your prayers will pave the way for people to walk steadily on as they discover Life in Christ. Your friendship to us will empower us to give of ourselves and guide others along the journey. Thank you for joining us in these ways.

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to you, people we love, who have been important in of our own story of faith and who have shown the love of Christ to us along the way. My heart fills with joy when I picture this “Bridge to Boston.” It will have bricks from Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas. It will have bricks from businessmen and homemakers and artists and accountants and doctors and teachers and missionaries and actors and farmers and musicians. Bricks from men and women, young and old, from multiple races, multiple ethnicities, multiple socio economic statuses. From democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives. From city people and country folk. What a beautiful life we’ve had to be able to call so many different people “Friend.” The thought of adding even more to the mix who we don’t even know yet is exciting. This is the Kingdom of God. I’m so glad we’re in it together.

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