• Joe Carr

On the Road to What's Next

Last week we took our first week-long fundraising trip to spread the word for our (fast approaching) Boston adventure. It was so special to tell about the work that God has been doing in us over the past several years with friends and family with whom we share a long history. I imagine that many who fundraise simply go where the money is. But throughout this process, we’ve felt compelled to go instead where the heart is. Our heart is with those relationships that have been formative for our spiritual developments and have provided supportive spaces to process God’s Will at various times in our lives: my best friend from high school, Lauryn’s namesake, co-workers in ministry, former students from our youth ministry days, life-long family friends, and relations of all kinds. Of course there’s never enough time to meet with everyone we wish we could. But this was a week where we attempted to pack in as many of these “reunions” and still have time to drive on to the next one. And we were so blessed to do so.

As we’ve said before (and will most likely say again), “Story” has been such an important part of our journey in this process and we believe it will serve an important role in our future work. So what better way to actually build the financial team we need to accomplish our goals from the great web of relationships we’ve already been blessed with? We believe God would have it no other way. Sure, there might be an unknown donor who could get us to much closer to our goal with a single gift. But our consistent theme in this process of hearing a call, catching the vision, finding funding, moving to our landing spot, and fulfilling this great and yet personal commission for our little family has been one dynamic and clear idea: FAITHFUL. For us that has meant that when we didn’t see the next step in front of us, just be faithful to what we already know. Obey. Stay the course. And God has proven to be more than faithful to us when we are faithful to Him. When we have been obedient to simply take the next step, He is there waiting with the next one. This has been true at every stage of the process. So we can say with confidence that we intend to be obedient to what we feel like God is calling us to do and we trust that God will hold up his end of the bargain.

I can’t say this is easy to do. We’ll have to face our fears. We will have to develop the endurance of a long-distance runner. It may be a little cliche to say, but being faithful requires that we also be full of faith. We will have to trust that by our obedience, the Holy Spirit will go ahead of us and meet us in every conversation we are to have in Boston in the future. In the present, though, we must trust that God will provide monetarily for our unique mission out of his abundant resources in His (typically) unpredictable fashion. All along the way, we’ve expected to be surprised to see where our funding comes from. And we’ve already seen this happen in unsolicited support from churches, friends we haven’t talked to in years, acquaintances who’ve heard from others all about our mission and want to jump in with two feet to see our vision become reality. Each one is a blessing and a reminder that God is in control of a process that we can not fully know nor expect to do anything but to join His intentions for Boston. So…Let us be faithful!

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